Natural Products Factory Ltd

Natural Products Factory Ltd (NPF), the brainchild of Pauline Hili and David Watts, is a company focussed on developing and producing innovative natural products and services.

NPF creates, refines and commercializes fresh ideas to optimise natural resources for the benefit of targeted customer groups. It then applies new technology to their design, distribution and marketing.

The heart of NPF is a factory with a laboratory. Ideas flow out from it and back to it. Everything in the commercial infrastructure forms arteries out from the factory: conceptually, organisationally and even physically.

Pauline and David share a strong conviction of the benefits of sustainability and community participation: twin values which drive our development strategy. NPF is built around supportive, ethical business practices; we aim to make positive contributions both economically and philanthropically.

Education and research are key components of our work. We aim to build educational modules - from outreach programmes to factory teach-ins. Sharing our values and our commerce with others, especially children, is a vital piece of NPF. We are also committed to conducting research to improve lives. Research channels include academic partners, specific services and programmes.

Innovation in product development is matched by NPF's marketing strategy, from packaging and social communication to new commercial routes. Pauline and David believe brand loyalty is only earned by building an honest and personalised relationship with individual customers.

To that end NPF constructs business models that embrace this ongoing personalised service:-

  • Subscription services where customers can maintain an open dialogue about their specific needs
  • Re-engaging with the value of the individual within an online setting - offerings combining product provision with other services
  • Social purchasing - both online and offline
  • International distribution via trusted agencies
  • Event based 'pop-up' merchandising

However the underlying themes of innovation and technology will drive our future direction - commercially implementable great ideas are our driving passion.

NPF's inaugural offering is Nourish, a beautiful range of 16 natural, allergen free skincare products for women. Nourish offers four distinct ranges, 'Relax' 'Protect', 'Radiance' and 'Balance' - each created from a blend of highest quality natural ingredients.

NPF will augment Nourish with further branded ranges offering innovative products targeted at specific customers. In addition, a bespoke design service will be offered to corporate customers wishing to provide exceptional products themselves.